In 2013 Rub & Stub became the first restaurant in Europe to base its menu on surplus food. It was driven by volunteers and was highly successful.
Today Rub & Stub is a social enterprise that, on the basis of having established, developing, and driven the eatery, offer consultation, educational courses, and workshops with a focus on food waste, and food culture. We also do pop-up food events during which we serve surplus food-based meals.

In Danish Rub & Stub (pronounced roob oh stob) carries the same meaning as the English merism, lock, stock, and barrel. For us, it represents our approach to food:
We wish to use, cook and eat food produce, lock, stock, and barrel. Rub & Stub.

There is therefore no longer a restaurant to visit. Please like our Facebook-page to keep updated with future events, so you can be the first to know when we serve one of our famous surplus food meals.